Welcome to Folklore Village!

Folklore Village is a nationally recognized folk arts and culture center dedicated to enriching lives through time-honored traditions. Since 1968, thousands of people of all ages have come to Folklore Village to gather with friends, meet new people, to eat, dance, sing and play. Come study with a master fiddler… sing with a gospel choir… dance until midnight… learn to make a basket… feast on jambalaya… join a back porch jam session… plant prairie flowers… or picture yourself as a student in a real 1890 schoolhouse… pass it on. 

The Folklore Village Board of Directors has recently approved a COVID-19 Safety Plan, and will make decisions on individual events on an ongoing basis. To see a letter from the Board President, please click HERE.
To see the complete plan, please click HERE.

In the meantime, consider donating to Folklore Village to help us weather these strange times!

Did you know that under the CARES Act, there are enhanced charitable giving incentives even for individuals who do not itemize their deductions?
The Act includes a one-time, “above-the-line deduction” (that is, available to taxpayers who do not itemize deductions) for cash contributions of up to $300 made to charitable organizations. The incentive covers only cash contributions made in calendar year 2020 and should be claimed on the taxpayer’s 2020 Form 1040 which is filed in 2021.

Please read these important announcements from the Folklore Village Board of Directors:

   • A special message from the board regarding the rights of all peoples: click HERE
   • Funding appeal during this time of pandemic: click HERE

   • Special Notice regarding upcoming Folklore Village Events: click HERE

   • General Statement Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic:  click HERE

Speaking of the Board of Directors, they are currently accepting applications for board positions.  Here’s a letter from Board President, Maria Terres, inviting you to join this tremendous team now, and be a part of the future of Folklore Village!  If interested, send a note to: terri@folklorevillage.org.

Upcoming Events

October 23-25   Online Fall Swedish Music & Dance Weekend

October 29   (on)Line Dancing II

October 31 – Nov 1    Wet Felting Slippers, with Elise Kyllo  In person!

November 1   Songs of Courage, Power, and Peace with Liz Rog

November 18   “Kom skal vi klippe sauen”: Nordic Ways of Welcoming Winter


Directions for getting here via the new Exit 52 on Highway 18/151.