Artistic Staff

Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu
Dance Instructors

Cristian Florescu hails from Romania and began dancing in folk ensembles there in the 1980s. He has been recognized by the government of Romania for his expertise within folk dance. Cristian has worked as a dancer and choreographer with ensembles in Romania and Moldova, and in Montreal with Les Sortilèges dance company, Canada’s oldest professional folk dance ensemble.

Sonia Dion was born in Québec and has been a professional dancer for over 20 years. She was lead dancer and choreographer for Les Sortilèges. Sonia has toured worldwide and has been exposed to a wide range of dance techniques including Romanian folk dance, Scottish highland dancing, French-Canadian clogging, and ballroom.

Sonia and Cristian tour the world together teaching and performing Romanian folk dance and other folk dance styles, and they also lead ethnographic tours to Romania focused on folk dance. We are so pleased to have them with us once again for Midwinter!

Cait Vitale-Sullivan
Singing instructor

Cait Vitale-Sullivan was steeped in the high desert wilderness of Idaho as a child. She is intrigued by the human connection to nature, art, and music, and when not playing outside, she could be found playing fiddle or singing in the forest. In 2013 she moved to Norway where she was introduced to Scandinavian traditional music and majestic fjords. After returning to Idaho to finish a degree in Ecology and Conservation Biology she returned to Sweden to complete a Fulbright grant studying the connection between Kulning (Swedish cow calling music) and landscape. There she attended Malungs Folkhögskola to study Swedish folk music. She has sung with Balkan vocal group Svitanya (now Vesna) in Philadelphia, as well as in smaller groups singing American traditional music, and is passionate about bringing music to community spaces (leading work songs and during work days at her Co-op for example). 

She is currently completing a master’s degree in Agroecology and a master’s degree in Scandinavian Studies at  University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is focusing on the connection between music and agricultural landscapes, exploring the human and more-than-human relationships built through sound.