Board of Directors

We Want You!!!   
We’re looking to continue to expand our Board of Directors – a fun, super-cool group of Folklore Village enthusiasts. Call Terri if you are interested in joining us: (608) 924-4000.                               Pictured, L to R: Nadia Alber, Adam Helt-Baldwin, Martha Tyner, Scott Lind, Maria Terres, Eric Seaberg, Catherine Baer, Terri Van Orman. Not pictured: David Eagan

2017 Board of Directors

President: Maria Terres
                                                           Musician, Educator



Vice President: Adam Helt-Baldwin                                              Construction Director, Dane County Habitat for Humanity



Secretary: Scott Lind                                                              Senior Electrical Engineer



Treasurer: Nadia Alber                                                                           Outreach and Promotions/WSBDF at CALS



Catherine Baer                                                                                  Children’s Librarian



David Eagan                                                                                      Field Botanist, Naturalist, Native Plants Gardener



Eric Seaberg                                                                                  Non-profit Campus Ministry Specialist



Martha Tyner                                                                        Musician, Retired University School of Music Office Coordinator