Board of Directors

We Want You!!!   
We’re looking to continue to expand our Board of Directors – a fun, super-cool group of Folklore Village enthusiasts. Call Terri if you are interested in joining us: (608) 924-4000.Pictured, L to R: Nadia Alber, Adam Helt-Baldwin, Martha Tyner, Scott Lind, Maria Terres, Eric Seaberg, Catherine Baer, Terri Van Orman. Not pictured: David Eagan
2018 Board of Directors
Maria Terres, President
                                                           Musician, Educator



Adam Helt-Baldwin, Vice President/Treasurer                              Construction Director, Dane County Habitat for Humanity



Catherine Baer, Secretary                                                 Children’s Librarian                                                               



David Eagan                                                                                      Field Botanist, Naturalist, Native Plants Gardener



Tamara Funk  

Curator of Interpretation and Collections, Wisconsin Historical Society


Scott Lind                                                                                 Senior Electrical Engineer




Jim Puralewski                                                                     Retired Financial Services Executive and Project Manager


Eric Seaberg                                                                                  Non-profit Campus Ministry Specialist



Martha Tyner                                                                        Musician, Retired University School of Music Office Coordinator