Cajun Music & Dance Weekend

March 24~26
featuring Jimmy Breaux, Randy Vidrine and Harold Bernard
and with Charlie & Lynne Terr, John Terr, Dorian Gehring, AJ Srubas and more!

Come for an in-depth learning experience, with Cajun music and dance instruction from the very finest tradition-bearers. We offer multiple levels of instruction in Cajun fiddle, accordion and dance, plus cultural discussion, vocals/singing workshops, a guitar workshop, open jamming, traditional food and more! Cajun dance parties both Friday and Saturday evenings. Full- and part-time options.

Cajun Weekend Schedule 

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Jimmy Breaux is a superb Cajun accordionist, who not only was the button box driving force behind the legendary and Grammy Award winning band Beausoleil for over two decades, but has had a stellar solo career as well.  His musical chops come naturally, as he is associated with a veritable dynasty of Cajun musical greats including his father Preston Breaux, his brother Pat Breaux, and his great grandfather Auguste Breaux.  His grandfather Amédée Breaux recorded the original “Jolie Blonde” and his great-aunt Cleoma Breaux, married Joe Falcon, one of the great Cajun musicians of the 1930s.  Together, they led the way for future Cajun musicians by waxing the first Cajun recording “Allons à Lafayette.” Jimmy will be teaching advanced accordion, leading a jam session and a culture discussion in addition to playing for nightly dance parties.
Harold Bernard will be teaching Cajun dance all weekend! Raised in the dance halls of South Louisiana, in 1986 Harold started traveling and spreading the word of his unique Acadian Culture through music and dance, teaching at festivals like Ashokan, Buffalo Gap and Augusta and working and traveling with such greats as Boi Sec Ardoin, Canray Fontenot, Dewey Balfa, Lionel Leleux. Having danced with incredible partners like Millie Ortego and Christine Balfa, Harold offers Cajun/Jitterbug and Zydeco workshops to all levels of dancers, out of Lafayette and New Orleans. Harold brings us the joy of not only the dance but the Joi de Vivre of a people named “Cajuns.”


Randy Vidrine, a Ville Platte native who grew up speaking both French and English, is a legendary Cajun chanteur, expressing songs both happy and sad straight from the heart. He will be teaching two workshops on vocals (you are free to bring your guitar). Randy now plays with The Lafayette Rhythm Devils, a true dance hall band that works hard on stage to make music for people who work hard during the week. Randy will also be leading a jam session and the culture session Saturday, in addition to playing and singing at both evening parties.

Charlie Terr has played with some of the masters of Cajun and Creole music including The Balfa Brothers, Nathan Abshire, Marc Savoy, The Sundown Playboys, D. L. Menard, Lionel LeLeux, and Bois Sec Ardoin. Charlie plays accordion with The Chicago Cajun Aces and will lead intermediate accordion workshops.                                                                                                  John Terr’s passion for Cajun music began in 1975. He learned the music in Louisiana and in Chicago, honing his skills with the Chicago Cajun Aces before moving to Minnesota. A member of several local bands, John earned a CFMA “Prix Dehors de Nous” award with the Twin City Playboys in 2012. John has taught Cajun guitar nationally and currently plays accordion with the New Riverside Ramblers. John will teach an all level guitar workshop and our tit-fer workshop.                                                                   Gene Losey will instruct a beginning accordion workshop and guide players in basic scales, fingering and some Cajun techniques. Don’t have an accordion? We can try to find you one if you inquire early.                                                                                           Dorian Gehring plays fiddle, accordion, guitar and sings with The Cajun Vagabonds, a Chicago band known for its high energy dance music. He will teach two advanced fiddle workshops and a beginning fiddle workshop.                                                                      AJ Srubas plays Cajun fiddle and pedal steel with The New Riverside Ramblers and is also a fantastic Irish and old-time fiddler, playing with The Bootlickers and The Two Tap Trio. He also teaches many lessons in the Twin Cities to students. AJ will be teaching two intermediate fiddle workshops.

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Cajun Weekend is funded, in part, by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board, with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts. Thanks also to Sandy Wilson for his continued support of Folklore Village’s Cajun Weekend.