English Country Dance Weekend

with Bare Necessities  ~  April 21~23

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We welcome back Bare Necessities for this invigorating weekend of English Country Dance. Jacqueline Schwab plays piano, Mary Lea and Earl Gaddis both play violin and viola, and Kate Barnes is on winds and guitar.

A quartet known for its creative interpretations of English Country Dance tunes, Bare Necessities has been playing together since 1980. As a group they have redefined the sound of English Country Dance music with an improvisatory and playful style that reflects their classical background and extensive experience playing for all kinds of dancing. Their music spans the centuries from 16th century early music to recently composed pieces, with a delightful variety of moods and meters that lends itself to their exploratory style and interweaving of harmonies and countermelodies.

“The Bares” are highly respected as dance musicians and well loved for their ability to support and inspire the dancers. Jacqueline brings a love of dancing and an attention to style to her teaching. Her passion for the beauty of English Country Dancing and its integral music is infectious!