English Country Dance Weekend


Folklore Village’s 2020 English Country Dance Weekend will feature music by Bare Necessities (Jacqueline Schwab, Kate Barnes, Earl Gaddis)
and dance calling by Sue Dupre.

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Artistic Staff

The Bares” are highly respected as dance musicians and well loved for their ability to support and inspire the dancers. Jacqueline Schwab plays piano, Earl Gaddis plays violin and viola, and Kate Barnes is on winds and guitar.

Known and loved for its creative interpretations of English Country Dance tunes, Bare Necessities has been playing together since 1980. As a group they have redefined the sound of English Country Dance music with an improvisatory and playful style that reflects their classical background and extensive experience playing for all kinds of dancing. Their music spans the centuries from 16th century early music to recently composed pieces, with a delightful variety of moods and meters that lends itself to their exploratory style and interweaving of harmonies and countermelodies. They have been a part of Folklore Village’s English Country Dance Weekend for a number of years and are excited to return to play for dancing and teach music workshops once again this year!

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Bare Necessities as they play for dancing at Fandango in Atlanta.

Sue Dupre hails from New Jersey and has been calling English country dances for over 35 years. Sue has been a featured performer at various festivals and dance weekends across the country, such as the Berea Christmas Country Dance School, Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS) summer dance camps, and the Bay Area Country Dance Society (BACDS) summer dance camps. Sue is known for enthusiasm and good humor, for an extensive repertoire representing the best of the old and the new, for clear and efficient teaching, and for her work with novice dancers. Sue has also worked extensively as a dancing mistress for re-enactors from various eras, but especially with Revolutionary War and Civil War re-enactors. In addition to her work as a caller, Sue is passionately devoted to the promotion and performance of historic English mummers plays and ceremonial dances in American communities.

Click here to see Sue in action, calling historical English country dances at the Monmouth County Historical Society’s Revolutionary Rave in Middletown, NJ!


6:30 PM Registration

7:30 PM Welcome Ball

8:30 AM Breakfast

9:30-11:15 Dances to Greet the Day

11:30-12:45 PM Dances from Maggot Pie
Maggot Pie was published in 1931 and is the first book of newly choreographed dances to appear after Cecil Sharp’s reconstructions of English country dancing. Maggot Pie featured some lovely choreography and delightful tunes. We’ll do some of the dances from Maggot Pie as well as dances inspired by Maggot Pie.

11:30-12:45 Music Workshop I
1:00 Lunch
2:15-3:45 Lost in Space: Choreographic Surprises for Advanced Dancers
3:15-4:30 Music Workshop II
4:30-5:30 Open Dance Floor & Student Jam Session
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Mini-Concert & Evening Ball
9:00 AM Breakfast
10:00-11:45 New Dances Woven from Old Fabric
A look at modern dances that have created new twists on the classic figures of the 17th and 18th centuries.
12:00-1:00 PM Final Dance
1:00 Lunch