Festival of Christmas and Midwinter Traditions

70th Annual Festival of Christmas and Midwinter Traditions                           December 28, 2017 ~ Jan. 1, 2018




Special Guest Instructors and Workshops:

Yuliyan “Yuli” Yordanov, a Bulgarian folk dance instructor and musician from Lovech, Bulgaria. He graduated from the acclaimed Academy of Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv and has taught at respected folk dance festivals that span the US. In his dance workshops, Yuli will focus on teaching details and style for the dances from the different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. Yuli is a founding member of Veseliyka, the Madison band who will play for a special Bulgarian dance night on December 30.

Gideon Crevoshay, a musician from the hills of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, will teach vocal workshops throughout the festival. Having studied traditional and ancient forms of singing from around the world, Gideon uses the human voice to explore the countless dimensions of sound, language, and improvisation. He teaches polyphonic singing throughout the US, and with the world music organization Village Harmony.

On December 29th, Anaguma Eisa, UW-Madison’s Okinawan taiko drumming club, will teach both a childrens and an adult workshop on Eisa, a form of folk-dance specific to the Ryukyu islands of southern Japan. Eisa fuses taiko drumming with elements of martial arts, dance, and both traditional and contemporary music. The group will also perform at the Okinawan Cultural Tea that afternoon and be part of that evening’s dance party. Crafts and theatre for kids of all ages will explore this fascinating culture as well.

Additional workshops include:Rustic Stick Creations with David EaganWaltz Clog70th Festival ScreenprintingScandinavian Partner DancingFrançaise and Heilsberger Dreieck dancesFestival Band and Jams

Childrens Program activities include:Responsible Storytelling As DialogueNew Year’s Eve SkitThe Tale Of The Shisa and The Sea DragonLaugh With LucyKids Song CircleFamily DanceSt. Lucia CeremonyHibiscus Flowers and Shisa Guardians CraftBulgarian Craft