Festival of Christmas and Midwinter Traditions

Our 2022 Festival of Christmas & Midwinter Traditions will be held in-person at Folklore Village! The event will feature dance leaders Sonia Dion & Cristian Florescu and song leader Cait Vitale-Sullivan. More information about additional workshops, registration, and more will be available soon. We hope to see you at this very special 75th Festival of Christmas & Midwinter Traditions!

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Jane Farwell founded the Folklore Village Christmas Festival in 1947, as an antidote to the increasing commercialization of the season. Each year since then, folks from near and far have gathered to experience and share the customs and traditions of people and cultures worldwide. For 75 years, our days have been filled with craft workshops, a community project, music, song and dance workshops, cultural teas and children’s activities. Festive meals (catered) highlight the cuisine of the cultures we explore. In the Jane Farwell tradition, the themed evening parties are planned by the participants – with skits, music, dance and surprises.