Afternoon Teas

The afternoon teas are a time when everyone is in the same place to enjoy a spot of tea and take part in some special cultural sessions and traditions. Here are the teas for this year!

December 28–4:30 pm
The Ostfriesen Tea Ceremony

Rich tortes and pastries accompany authentic black Ostfriesen tea served in delicate Ostfriesen china in this ceremony typical of Northwestern Germany. The tea is served with cream and kluntje, which is sugar in a large, crystal form. Dan Lippitt, Glenn Mitroff, and Greg Winz lead the ceremony with great attention to detail!

December 29–4:30 pm
Mexican Tea honoring Nelda Drury
Champurrado is a chocolate-and-corn-based beverage enjoyed as a winter treat throughout Mexico. Sips of delicious champurrado will be interspersed with bites of churros, concha bread, and other pan dulce pastries from La Concha Bakery in Madison. This Afternoon Tea will also feature memory-sharing to honor the legacy of Mexican American folkdancer Nelda Drury.

December 30 –4:30 pm
Sankta Lucia Celebration
This tea starts out with St. Lucia walking into the darkened hall wearing a crown of lit candles on her head. Children and teens of the festival walk behind her, singing traditional songs they learned earlier that day. This Swedish ceremony celebrates the winter solstice, the return of sunlight, and the Christmas spirit of giving, embodied in St. Lucia herself. Saffron buns and coffee/tea follow.

December 31–4:00 pm
Christmas Festival Auction
This longstanding tradition of great finds and fast bidding is something you don’t want to miss. Auctioneer Jim McNeill dresses up and leads the fun, witty exchanges that dominate this tea! This is an extremely important fundraiser for Folklore Village and we appreciate you both donating and bidding on special handmade and folk inspired items. If you have a special item for the auction, bring it to the office early during the festival.