Evening Parties

December 28~Meet ‘n’ Greet
An introduction to the weekend featuring live music by Rare Privilege (Amy McFarland and Maria Terres) and dance calling by Gayle Armstrong.

December 29~Fiesta Mexicana with Trio Son de Mexico and Gayle Armstrong
After a day of Mexican and Latin-American dance and craft workshops, meals and teas, Gayle Armstrong and Madison band Trio Son de MĂ©xico lead us into an evening party to complete this day of cultural programing. Enter the hall decorated with colorful papel picado and enjoy lively and romantic Mexican music as you dance cumbia, salsa, and polka with other festival-goers.

December 30~Balkan Beats with Nanilo and Michael Kuharski
The Slavic and Balkan themes woven throughout our weekend in the form of craft and music workshops culminate in a celebration of the vibrant rhythms and tones of Eastern Europe. Nanilo (Sarah Jagoda Larsson and Sarina Partridge) lead participants in song as folkdancer Michael Kuharski guides our feet to create a party reminiscent of village gatherings in the Balkan mountains.

December 31~Future Folk…
We tend to think that folklore is about looking back at the past. But really folklore is very much here in the present…and in the future? Join us for a creative exploration of what “Future Folk” can mean as we look toward a new year!

Join our party-planning teams! Sign up at the festival to coordinate or decorate for a party.