Scholarships & Aid

Need-Based Scholarships

The Jane Farwell Memorial Festival of Christmas & Midwinter Traditions Scholarship (2) is given to two families, and awards each family with free tuition for one full-time child or teen. We prefer to award this scholarship to families who have not received it in the past three years. If you have received the scholarship within the past three years and still need assistance, however, please do apply. Lodging is not included with this scholarship.

The Howard Capon Memorial Scholarship (2) provides assistance for first-time participants who have never attended the festival before. We award a half-price scholarship to two full-time participants. Lodging is not included.

**New this year! We invite you to add a donation to your registration to contribute to the Jane Farwell and Howard Capon Memorial Scholarship Funds.**


Work-Exchange Scholarships

Dishwashing Scholarships (4)
Dishwashers play a crucial role at the festival. There are four full-time positions. The four team members will be responsible for washing all dinnerware in our industrial dishwasher and putting away all dinnerware after each meal. There are 11 meals. Dishwashing team members are not responsible for washing cookware or servingware. All team members will stay in the kitchen until all dishes are put away.
Estimated Work Time: 11 hours
Scholarship: You pay just $175 for the full-time festival.

Evening Snack Scholarships (2)
Responsibilities include coordinating evening snacks with party planners, prepping and attention to detail in lay-out of snacks and decorations on table, clean up of snacks and any dishes used, dumping and cleaning out coffee & tea urns after snacks, and a daily final washing of cups and mugs in the dishwasher. You will collect mugs and glasses from throughout the building, checking in all workshop rooms and corners, and include those in your final wash. There are four snack nights with snacks usually happening around 10:00 or 10:30 PM.
Estimated Work Time: 6-7 hours
Scholarship: You pay just $215 for the full-time festival.

Laundry Scholarships (2)
Team members will all be responsible for washing, drying, folding, and putting away kitchen towels, aprons and tablecloths. This includes bringing soiled linens downstairs and starting a load after each meal as well as attending to the laundry room throughout the day and in the evenings.
Estimated Time: 6-7 hours.
Scholarship: you pay just $215 for the full-time festival.

Please direct inquiries to Sallie Anna Steiner at or call (608) 924-4000.

Click the link for a PDF flyer announcing the scholarships: Scholarships