Things to know…

Things you should know about the 72nd Festival of Christmas & Midwinter Traditions
December 28, 2019 – January 1, 2020

Pitching In!
Pitching in at Folklore Village festivals is a time-honored tradition. In fact, you could say that this aspect of festivals alone was most responsible for forming the core of our Folklore Village community. Everyone who comes is needed to make a festival successful by helping with the tasks that must be done. As many hands make light work, we are asking that everyone pick one small job from our “Pitching In” chart to do on one day of the festival. For example, you might be sweeping the floor after the tables are put away one day after lunch. You will have your choice of jobs, and most will take only about 15 minutes out of your festival time. Once you complete your chore, you will also be able to enter a “Pitching In” drawing to win a small prize!

Volunteer Snack, Cookie, & Torte-Baking Requests
Help provide the special snacks needed for teas and evenings! Please sign up with Sallie Anna at (608)924-4000 or We appreciate donations of time and effort! Please make (and freeze if necessary) your snack donations before the festival. The kitchen is not available for food preparation at most times during the festival. We do not provide gluten-free or dairy-free snacks each night, but will gladly take donations of allergy-friendly snacks to put out as well.

December 28: 75 count of any treat (check with Sallie Anna to see if there is a theme)
December 29: 100 count of any cookie or treat traditional to a Latin-American cultural group
December 30: 100 count of any cookie or treat traditional to a Slavic or Balkan cultural group

December 30: 75 count of a Mexican treat, or sponsorship of a purchase of pastries from a Mexican bakery
December 31: Live Auction Tea: 75 count of any treat (check with Sallie Anna to see if there is a theme)

Tortes accompany two special events at our festival and have a long tradition at Folklore Village! Please contact torte master Greg Winz for recipes and to sign up directly with him:

Live & Silent Auction
Both auctions contribute to the sustainability of our overall budget. Please bring quality folk, hand-made, or “global” items or services for inclusion in our Live and Silent Auctions. You will need to complete an auction form for each item you donate, listing a description and appropriate starting bid. No items will be accepted without a completed form! If your item is for the silent auction, please put your own item and its form on the table or clothes rack on the afternoon of December 31. If you have a very special item for the live auction,
please deliver it to a Folklore Village staff person earlier in the festival with a completed auction form. Thank you very much for your fun contributions and exuberant bidding!

Johanna Gorman-Baer and Skot Riefer are hosting a nametag-making craft upstairs in the balcony during registration on December 28. In the spirit of making new friends and greeting old ones, we encourage you to work on not just your own nametag, but to craft one for someone who may not have arrived yet! (First names of participants will be provided.) We’ll make nametags until they are all made and given out.

Dietary Restrictions/RedBarn Catering
This festival celebrates cultures and foodways from all over the world. Foodways are the cultural, social, and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food. Foodways often refers to the intersection of food in culture, traditions, and history. Lunches and dinners will each have a cultural theme.

At RedBarn Catering, we know that dietary restrictions are a fact of life for many. To help us plan accordingly, please note any dietary restrictions on your registration form. Don’t forget that the kitchen always stocks special items for our friends with dietary restrictions who need something extra. I look forward to seeing you all soon!
J. Miller–Head Chef.

Etiquette of “Dropping In” on a workshop
Dropping in at any workshop is fine, and we encourage you to attend as many workshops as possible! Please be aware that the teacher might not be able to start from scratch on the lesson/skill with you (with the exception of the community project). You most likely will need to jump in where the other class participants already are. If the class is small enough, the instructor may be able to help you catch up.

“Future Folk” New Year’s Ball
We often think of folklore as being mostly about the past. But folklore is in fact very much with us here in the present…and in the future? Our New Year’s Eve party this year will explore the theme “Future Folk,” taking us on a DIY, folk-fusion journey through time and space. We invite you to let your imagination run with this theme and we encourage you to bring costumes and decorations that you think would bring a “Future Folk” aura to Farwell Hall.

New Year’s Eve Guardian Policy
Persons under the age of 18 must have an appointed guardian (minimum 21 years of age) present if the parent/s will not be supervising their children on New Year’s Eve. Parents must fill out a form designating this person as their guardian for the evening. A guardian may be responsible for no more than three underage persons. Please see Folklore Village staff to fill out and submit a Guardian Form.

Additional information and policies will be provided in your confirmation letter. Please register by December 19 so that we may send this information to you!