Folk School Classes

Folk School at Folklore Village
2020 calendar of folk school classes:  Links will be added daily!

Please note: To ensure your spot in class, and enjoy early-bird pricing, please register at least three weeks before the first day of your folk school class.

Pre-season Session: March 8, 2020: 

Learn to throat-sing!  Tuvan throat singing workshop with members of Alash Ensemble.

2:30 – 4:30 prior to their evening concert.

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Session I:  June 13 & 14, 2020

June 13: The Felted Vessel with Jennifer Angelo

June 13: Piano Off the Page with Amy McFarland

June 13:  “What Makes It a Fiddle Tune?” with Maria Terres

June 13: Small Wonders (Hardangersom) with Donna Olson

June 13: “Writing as Wide as the Sky” with Catherine Young

June 13: Basic Broom Making: Hearth Brooms with John Holzwart

June 13 & 14: Restoration of the Historical Aslak Lie Norwegian Cabin: Timber Framing with Nels Diller

June 14: Pine Needle Baskets with John Holzwart

Celebratory Healthy Hoedown Saturday night, June 22 , free for Folk School students.

Session II: July 6 – 12, 2020

July 6 – 11: The Art of Gourd Banjo Making with Jeff Menzies

July 9 – 11:  Fly Fishing 101: A Fine and Noble Tradition with Dave Beucler

July 11: Introduction to Blacksmithing with Greg Winz

July 11: From Grain to Loaf: Sourdough Baking with Fresh-Milled Organic Flour with John and Halee Wepking

July 11: Self Portraits: Telling your Story Through Art with Judy Robb ***

July 11: Old-Time Music of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest with Jason Busniewski

July 11 & 12: The Found Object Sandwich (Jewelry Making) with Thomas Mann

Celebratory Healthy Hoedown Saturday night, July 11, free for Folk School students.

Session III: August 13 – 16, 2020

August 13 – 16: Making and Playing a Finnish Kantele with John C. Van Orman

August 14 & 15: Sharpen Your Autoharp Skills with Karen Mueller

August 14 & 15: Spoon Carving with Tom Bartlett

August 14 & 15: Viking Posament Bracelet with Liz Bucheit

August 14 – 16: Woven Mohair Saddle Cinches, Guitar Straps and Hat Bands with Pop Wagner

August 14 & 15: Songs for All Seasons with Liz Rog

August 15: Faith Ringgold’s Story Quilts with Judy Robb***

August 15:  Beginner Milk Soap Making with Janelle Holmstrom

August 16: Viking “Knit” Bracelet with Liz Bucheit

Celebratory Ice Cream Social Saturday night August 15, free for Folk School students.

Session IV: September 11 – 13, 2020

September 11 – 13: CRANKIES!  Storytelling Machines with Sue Truman

September 12: Yodeling for Everyone with Victoria Mecozzi

September 12: Introduction to Blacksmithing with Greg Winz

September 12: Kid’s Craft Day with Johanna Gorman-Baer***

September 12: An Introduction to Chocolate: Truffles and Tartlets with J. Miller

September 12 & 13: You Can Ukulele, Too! with Martha Tyner

September 12 & 13: Plein Air Painting: Beginning Landscape with Judy Robb

September 13: Knit Wire Jewelry with Johanna Gorman-Baer

Celebratory Healthy Hoedown Saturday night, September 12, free for Folk School students.

Session V: October 30 – Nov. 1, 2020

October 30: Nordic Herbals with Gigi Stafne

October 30 – November 1: Mountain Dulcimer Construction with John C. Van Orman

October 31: Hearts & Stars: Scandinavian Woven Paper Heart Baskets & Moravian Stars with Becky Rehl

October 31 – November 1: Hardanger Embroidery with Lori Zimmerman

October 31 – November 1: Wet Felting Slippers with Elise Kyllo

October 31 – November 1:  Sounding Traditions with Annie Zylstra

Specially themed Healthy Hoedown Saturday night, October 31, free for Folk School students.

Session VI: November 13 & 14, 2020

November 13 & 14: Songs for Comfort, Healing, Courage, and Celebration with Liz Rog

November 14: Felted Christmas Stocking with Jennifer Angelo

November 14: Hardanger Embroidered Holiday Ornaments with Donna Olson

November 14: “Feast – A Poetry Harvest” with Catherine Young

Celebratory Healthy Hoedown, Saturday night, November 14, free for Folk School students.

*** Children’s classes

Lunch is included in your registration!  Cheers to Cobblestone Coffee House in Dodgeville, who will be providing our lunches every day of class!


Please call us if you would like to lodge with us during your Folk School visit.  Choices include simple rustic bunkhouses ($15/night), and camping spots to pitch a tent ($10/night).  (608) 924-4000


Interested in teaching a folk school class in 2021?  Find the application form HERE.