Folk School Classes

Folk School at Folklore Village
2021 calendar of Folk School classes: 

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NOTE:  Folklore Village is currently under a mask mandate.  Please wear a mask when coming into any of the Folklore Village buildings until further notice.

Please be aware that although we are attempting to be consistent and fair with our Covid policies, there may be children in attendance who are unable to be vaccinated or masked, which would include children under 2 years old, and children under 12 years old who have a condition that makes it unable for them to remain masked.

June 2021                                                                                          June 10: Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland: Session I “The Basics”                                                                    June 12:  Theater Games for Kids! with Johanna Gorman-Baer         June 13:  Fresh-Caught Songs with Sarina Partridge 

 July 2021                                                                                           July 8: Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland: Session II: Couple Dances                                                                    July 9, 10, & 11:  Woven Mohair Saddle Cinches, Guitar Straps and Hat Bands with Pop Wagner                                                            July 10:  Self Portraits: Telling your Story Through Art with Judy Robb                                                                                                   July 10:  Knit Wire Jewelry with Johanna Gorman Baer

August 2021                                                                      August 12:  Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland – Session III: Contras and Squares                                                 August 14: Beginning Chair Caning with Mary Jo Harris          August 14:  Story Quilts with Judy Robb                                    August 14:  Capuns – A Traditional Dish from the Swiss Alps with Corina Cathomen and Bill Robichaud                                                August 14 & 15: Build a Small Harp in a Weekend with Alice Margerum  

September 2021

September 9: Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland – Session IV: Irish, Scottish & Canadian Dances                        September 10, 11 & 12:Mountain Dulcimer Construction with John C. Van Orman                                                                                  September 11:  Blacksmithing with Greg Winz                        September 11: Old-Time Music of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest with Jason Busniewski                                              September 11:  A Day of Painting at Folklore Village with Judy Robb                        September 11:  Which Chord When? with Amy McFarland and Roger Diggle            September 11 & 12: You Can Ukulele Too! with Martha Tyner                                     September 11 & 12: Songwriting Retreat with Marie Clement and Davey Harrison


October 2021

October 7:  Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland – Session V: English Country Dance                                          October 7, 8, 9 & 10:  Making and Playing a Finnish Kantele with John C. Van Orman                                                                   October 8:  Ink and Wash (only) with Lois Mueller                 October 8, 9 & 10: Ink & Wash with Rosemaling with Lois Mueller  October 8 & 9: Nuno Scarves and Hats with Elise Kyllo       October 9:  Introduction to Lace Knitting with Mary Jo Harris  October 9: “Small Wonders” Hardanger Embroidery with Donna Olson                        October 10:  Creature Creations Made from Wool                                                             October 10:  Meet Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen

November 2021

November 13: Hardanger Embroidered Holiday Ornaments with Donna Olson

November 13:  Knit a Christmas Stocking with Mary Jo Harris

November 13:  Kimchi & Kraut: Stories and Recipes of Fermented Cabbage with Bill Robichaud

 November 13:  Hearts & Stars: Scandinavian Woven Paper Heart Baskets & Moravian Stars with Becky Rehl

November 16: Irish, Scottish, and Canadian Dance Piano with Amy McFarland.

*Please note:  All times listed are U.S. Central Time.


Thanks to United Fund of Iowa County for providing scholarships and materials fees for these selected Kids’ Folk School classes!

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