Folk School Classes

Folk School at Folklore Village
2021 calendar of Folk School classes: 

Please note: Due to COVID-19, in-person classes may need to pivot to an online offering where appropriate; be postponed, or be cancelled.  Online programming noted.

June 2021

June 10: Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland: Session I “The Basics”  (online, via Zoom)

Just for Kids!  June 12:  Theater Games for Kids! with Johanna Gorman-Baer  (online, via Zoom) Scholarships available!

June 13:  Fresh-Caught Songs with Sarina Partridge  (online, via Zoom)

July 2021

July 8: Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland: Session II: Couple Dances  (online, via Zoom)

July 9, 10, & 11:  Woven Mohair Saddle Cinches, Guitar Straps and Hat Bands with Pop Wagner

Just for Kids!  July 10:  Self Portraits: Telling your Story Through Art with Judy Robb

July 10:  Knit Wire Jewelry with Johanna Gorman Baer (online, via Zoom)

August 2021

August 12:  Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland – Session III: Contras and Squares  (online, via Zoom)

August 14: Beginning Chair Caning with Mary Jo Harris

Just for Kids!  August 14:  Story Quilts with Judy Robb

August 14:  Capuns – A Traditional Dish from the Swiss Alps with Corina Cathomen and Bill Robichaud

August 14 & 15: Build a Small Harp in a Weekend with Alice Margerum  *Excellent intergenerational opportunity!

September 2021

September 9: Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland – Session IV: Irish, Scottish & Canadian Dances  (online, via Zoom)

September 10, 11 & 12: Mountain Dulcimer Construction with John C. Van Orman

September 11:  Blacksmithing with Greg Winz  *Excellent intergenerational opportunity!

September 11: Old-Time Music of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest with Jason Busniewski

September 11:  Which Chord When? with Amy McFarland and Roger Diggle

September 11:  A Day of Painting at Folklore Village with Judy Robb

September 11: You Can Ukulele Too! with Martha Tyner    (1-day option)

September 11 & 12: You Can Ukulele, Too! with Martha Tyner (2-day option)

September 11 & 12: Songwriting Retreat with Marie Clement and Davey Harrison

October 2021

October 7:  Exploring Dance Piano Styles with Amy McFarland – Session V: English Country Dance  (online, via Zoom)

October 7, 8, 9 & 10:  Making and Playing a Finnish Kantele with John C. Van Orman

October 8:  Ink and Wash (only) with Lois Mueller

October 8, 9 & 10: Ink & Wash with Rosemaling with Lois Mueller

October 9:  Introduction to Lace Knitting with Mary Jo Harris

October 9: “Small Wonders” Hardanger Embroidery with Donna Olson

October 10:  Meet Danish Paper Cut Artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen (online, via Zoom)

November 2021

November 13: Hardanger Embroidered Holiday Ornaments with Donna Olson

November 13:  Knit a Christmas Stocking with Mary Jo Harris

November 13:  Kimchi & Kraut: Stories and Recipes of Fermented Cabbage with Bill Robichaud

 November 13:  Hearts & Stars: Scandinavian Woven Paper Heart Baskets & Moravian Stars with Becky Rehl

*Please note:  All times listed are U.S. Central Time.

The Folklore Village Board of Directors has approved a COVID-19 Safety Plan, and will make decisions on individual events on an ongoing basis. 

Expectations for individual visiting our campus: please click HERE  

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