Friends of Folklore Village

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Attend Upcoming Friends Events:

April 25 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Spring Hop! (Postponed until April 24, 2021)
November 7 ~ ~ ~ Harvest Moon Gala (Postponed until Nov. 6, 2021)

The Friends of Folklore Village are seeking item donations for their first ONLINE Folklore Village Auction, to be held this fall!
Items need to be worth $50 and be in some way unique or folksy. For example:
    • Folk instruments or folk costumes
    • Handmade craft items, foods, fabrics
    • Gift certificates for lessons, whether in-person or online
Briefly describe your suggestion or donated item in an email to by Wednesday, July 29, 2020.
DON’T send items yet -please wait for us to confirm.
Friends of Folklore Village will use auction proceeds to help plug the holes from Folklore Village’s months of sorely-missed music nights, dance weekends, festivals, and weddings. Thank you for thinking creatively!

About the Friends

The Friends of Folklore Village was incorporated in 1998 as a stand-alone 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, whose purpose is to help provide financial support for Folklore Village.  Newly resurrected in the fall of 2014, the organization has pledged to sponsor two fundraising events per year.  In 2016, The Friends helped Folklore Village celebrate The Year of Jane Farwell with special centennial birthday events, a fabulous reunion weekend, and extraordinary fund raising, garnering $28,000 for Folklore Village ~ a significant percentage of our yearly fundraising goal!

2020 Board of Directors, Friends of Folklore Village
Marilee Standifer, President

Sarah Weier, Vice President
Lucy Richards, Secretary/Treasurer                                                                          Lisa Kitchel, Communications Coordinator
Gail Moede Rogall, Communications Coordinator (through 4/20)                              Madeline Uraneck, Fundraising Committee Liaison

Open Board Positions – Looking for energetic, imaginative individuals

Wondering what the Friends have fun doing?
Check out their fabulous PAST FUNDRAISERS!

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