In the Media

Folklore Village is on the air again, this time in a special edition of Discover Wisconsin dedicated to Dodgeville, WI, which aired on April 11,2020. Here it is on youtube:

Filmed during our 2019 Fall Swedish event, the Folklore Village segment begins at 2:55.

Kyla Rindy shares a sweet tribute to Folklore Village through the “Adventure in Driftlessness” blog.

Thank you, Kyla!


Gayle Worland announces Folklore Village’s new plans for a 2018 Folk School!

And WPR’s Central Time interviews Executive Director Terri Van Orman about Folklore Village’s new Folk School initiative (starts at the 22:26 mark):

Talking about our Maypole practices in the April 24, 2017 edition of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Sentinel Journal.


In 2016, a small film crew from the French television show, Échappées Belles visited Folklore Village during our annual Fall Swedish Weekend.  They were particularly interested in nyckelharpa.  The footage was included in an episode entitled “Couleurs d’Automne à Chicago,” which originally aired February 4, 2017.  To exclusively see the Folklore Village footage, please watch from the 1:03:36 to 1:04:45 time frames.

Gayle Worland writes a special report on Folklore Village’s Grammy Grant project:  The Jane Farwell Collection of Recorded Music in the November 6, 2016 of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Denise Thornton, from the Dodgeville Chronicle, writes in anticipation of our 2nd Sustainability Weekend.


Brooke Bechen from the Dodgeville Chronicle tells the story of the efforts of Folklore Village volunteers to rebuild the Aslak Lie House October 29, 2015.

The visit to Folklore Village, and the writing of the article then inspired Brooke to write a short essay on the value of handwork on November 12, 2015:

On December 19, 2014, Chelsey Lewis provided a great overview of Folklore Village: 

In April of 2014, The Dodgeville Chronicle announces the hiring of new Folklore Village Director, Terri Van Orman:

and in December of that year, Madeline Uraneck wrote an article about Terri for The Voice of the River Valley (page 3).