Music Collection

The Jane Farwell Collection of Recorded Music conveys, in recorded music format, the sound tracks that were, and are essential to the historic and present International Folk Dance Movement.  This collection, recently in extreme at-risk condition, has now been cleaned, re-sleeved in archival sleeving, and recorded in a database – thanks to a grant from the Grammy Foundation (now Grammy Museum).  Scholars, music lovers, and International Folk Dance enthusiasts are invited to peruse the collection.  The library at Folklore Village has listening opportunities for any of the music that you would like to come and hear.  Although music may not be checked out of our library, you may listen on-site, or listen through the links to already digitized and publicly accessible music – which will be added as time allows.

Some interesting inclusions in the collection are the Folklore Village label recordings, and the recordings from Europe that Jane Farwell acquired during her time living in Ostfriesland, and teaching International Folk Dance throughout Europe, Turkey, and Japan.  As well, through the years, donors have contributed albums of music that they considered “folk” music, and felt that Folklore Village was the proper place for them to continue to be used.

Thanks to interns Christopher Bishop, Abby Wanserski, and David Natvig for their diligent work on this project.

45 Jane Farwell Collection Excel

78 Jane Farwell Collection Excel      (Now with links)

LP and EP Jane Farwell Collection Excel

With thanks to the Grammy (Foundation) Museum for making this project possible!