Dancing the Trolls Away: Norwegian Movement and Dance


  • Class exploring Norwegian folk dance alongside Old Norse mythology, hosted over the videoconferencing platform Zoom
  • Wednesday, July 29th, 5:30-7:00 PM Central Time

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Join Kari Tauring and Carol Sersland as they explore the movements and rhythms of Norwegian folk dance. Kari is a Nordic roots educator and performer, and Carol is a Norwegian folk dancer. Together, they have explored how the shapes and forms of Old Norse runes manifest in the postures and purpose of traditional Norwegian dance. Kari and Carol will explain the vocabulary around moving our bodies in a Nordic way: stav (vertical line plumb with the earth), svikt (absorption wave into the earth), tyngde (gravitational limits of absorptive movement), and kraft (upwards power generated in response to the downward process). Workshop participants will learn halling and gangar moves and turns, a stick dance called korsdans, and a song dance called “Komme Alle.” These are dances you can do alone, in pairs, or with well-spaced groups!

About the Instructors:

Carol Ann Sersland is a tradition bearer of the rural regional dances and songs of Telemark, Norway. Carol’s father was a life-long folk dancer who immigrated from Telemark, Norway to Minneapolis, and Carol started dancing with him as a young child. Carol began performing publicly when she was five years old with the Sons of Norway Junior Dancers. Her first performance of Telespringar was with her father at the first Nordic Fest in Decorah, Iowa. They danced to the music of highly regarded Hardanger fiddler Anund Roheim. Carol and her father were invited to perform at the Smithsonian Institution’s Folklife Festival in 1974 and 1976. Currently, Carol’s dance leadership includes being a dance instructor with Det Norske Folkedanslaget, the adult Norwegian dance group in the Twin Cities. She teaches Telespringar and Telegangar at numerous dance workshops and has received first prize placement in folk dance competitions in Norway.

Kari Tauring is a Nordic root folk musician, cultural educator, and spiritual leader living in Minneapolis. She is recognized for her interpretations of ancient Edda poetry, runes, and Norse cosmology and metaphysics. She has several recordings, a book and app for rune study, as well as a host of on-line courses available on her website. She also teaches regularly at Norway House in Minneapolis. Kari began studying Norwegian and other Scandinavian and Finnish dances in 2006 and joined Det Norske Folkedanslaget in 2008. In 2011, Kari and Carol worked on their Nordic Movement curriculum as part of a 2011 grant and have implemented it at festivals and workshops throughout Minnesota.