Hand Tool Sharpening and Restoration with Nels Diller


Learn to sharpen your metal-bladed tools with our Aslak Lie foreman, Nels Diller.

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Date: September 10, 2022

1 pm – 4 pm

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate

Early-bird Registration Fee: (by August 19) $40.00

After August 19: $50

Working with hand woodworking tools is a joy and a pleasure – IF – your tools are sharp. If you have ever worked with dull tools, or struggled to sharpen tools, only to find they are more dull than when you started, this is the class for you!  Participants will bring the tools they want to work on, and not only learn how to sharpen them properly, but sharpen those tools in the process. The focus will be on woodworking tools, i.e. chisels, planes, axes, etc.; and will include the restoration of wooden-body planes, also.

This class will be limited to 5 students, so sign up early!

Students should be sure to wear closed-toe shoes, and bring safety goggles and rubber and/or leather gloves.

Since the 1970’s Nels Diller has been working as a carpenter, cabinetmaker, and construction superintendent in the Madison area. A life-long hand tool enthusiast, he became interested in Norwegian wooden architecture and craft in the 1990’s. He studied traditional Norwegian building techniques under Ottar Romtveit at Raulands Akademiet in Telemark in 2005 and 2006. This resulted in his building a model of a famous Norwegian stabbur from 1775(see photo). Since 2012 it has occupied a prominent place on Main St in Mount Horeb. Nels retired from business in 2014 and a year later began working with Folklore Village on the Lie Project.