I Lift My Lamp: Vintage Songs & Dances of Immigrant America


  • Interactive concert with renowned pianist Jacqueline Schwab
  • Friday, August 28 | 7:00-8:30 PM Central Time | Hosted over Zoom


In this performance, pianist Jacqueline Schwab honors the voices of immigrants to the US, with music brought over from or created by people from the British Isles, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America. Rather than a map of the world or a history of US immigrants, Jacqueline’s program will feature music from her Pittsburgh childhood and her musical adventures beyond that, through the lens of her signature style. From Jacqueline’s home setting, you’ll hear familiar and less-well-known songs and dance tunes that Americans have long played, sung and loved in their homes and at community gatherings.
Jacqueline Schwab’s musical sensibilities arose from her time immersed in the rich classical and folk music scenes of Pittsburgh’s “melting pot” and later in Boston. She spins musical stories, building bridges to connect listeners to the different cultures and strands that have formed our American music. Her signature playing infuses the soundtracks of Ken Burns’ Grammy-winning Civil War, Baseball, Lewis and Clark, Mark Twain, and The War, among others. She has also been heard on the PBS documentary The Irish in America. She has performed at the White House for President Clinton, and, with Scottish singer Jean Redpath, on public radio’s A Prairie Home Companion and on CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman. Jacqueline graduated from the New England Conservatory in Boston, majoring in piano improvisation. She has long played for many styles of dancing including with the Bare Necessities English dance quartet, which has had a long association with Folklore Village. She has performed in almost every State of the Union. She lives on Cape Cod.
[Photo by Ted Crane]