Mosaic Art Made from Broken Pieces with Linda Millunzi-Jones


Get started with mosaics!  The art of mosaics can be a vehicle for endless creative expressions and adornments for your home.  Let Linda Millunzi-Jones be your guide in this colorful, fun artform.


Date: June 15 & 16, 2024

Times: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm each day

Skill Level: Beginner

Early-bird Class Registration Fee: By May 27, 2024: $180

After May 27, 2024: $200.00

Spend two full days with Linda Millunzi-Jones, learning the art of mosaic work!  You will be creating your own mosaic design pieces by using a hammer and/or a tile-nippers to safely break any plates, cups or bowls that you bring. Also bring any knickknacks, colored glass, old jewelry or anything else that you would like to incorporate into your project.  I will provide a prepped 8”diameter clay pot, plus an 8”x 8” prepped plywood wall plaque. If you have some experience, you may bring a form (i.e. framed mirror or small table) that you would like to use as the base for your mosaic design. Please check with me first if you plan to bring your own form in case it needs to be prepped in advance for class. Once you’re underway, you will see your design grow into an enduring expression of you. Hang your new plaque at home where you can find inspiration from it every day. Grow a plant in your mosaic pot and watch it become a beautiful little art installation for the summer.

Saturday morning will start with a brief intro to materials and process, followed by the safe breaking into pieces of the plates and objects you brought, plus the gathering of potential pieces from my miscellaneous bins. The actual design process, which I love, often takes the longest as you try out variations of your own creation for your project. The color, texture and shape of your pieces will help guide your design.

After our one hour lunch break at noon, you will start and finish the glue-up and the wiping clean of the pieces used on your project(s). The projects need to dry overnight before grouting can begin.

Sunday morning you will grout, and then wipe clean (several times) the pieces used on your projects. After lunch break you will finish the grouting and cleaning of all your projects and then we’ll clean our work space.

Students need to bring the following supplies:

  • plates, bowls, cups, mirrors, knickknacks, colored glass, old jewelry, or anything else you want to try to use on your project
  • smock or work shirt to wear over your clothes
  • hammer, and any tile pliers/nippers and needle-nosed pliers of your choice – if you have them. Linda will have a few extra hammers and tile pliers that can be shared

Materials fee: (To be collected directly from students by instructor in class): $20 per person. Includes an 8”D clay pot, 8”x8” plywood wall plaque, AcrylPro Tile Adhesive, Gorilla Glue, Pre-mixed Simple Grout in several colors,  miscellaneous necessary tools and containers, new plastic safety goggles, plus disposable latex gloves.

Linda Millunzi-Jones is self-taught and began making broken-piece mosaics in 2008. Her mosaics tend to be fanciful depictions of her life and the outdoors. She often uses found objects in her projects.