Songs for All Seasons with Liz Rog



Date: August 14 & 15, 2020

9 am – 4 pm

Skill Level:  All levels, including those with no experience

Class Registration Fee:  Early bird – by July 24, 2020:  $160.00

After July 24, 2020:  $175.00

For those who have always loved to sing, AND for those who always wished they could, this retreat is for all ages, abilities, genders, levels of experience, and spiritual backgrounds. Come share in the joy of singing together in an environment that is supportive, safe, and fun. Because singing is too important to leave to the professionals!
Traditional cultures have always known that group singing has a power unlike any other to bind people together. There is an ancient African concept, ubuntu, which speaks of our interconnectedness and interdependence. It means “I am because we are.” Nowhere is this more evident than in singing together; through group singing, people experience joy, a sense of success, and an expression of shared meaning. We deepen our sense of communion with each other and a sense of sanctuary for all our spirits.

Materials fee: (To be collected directly from students by instructor in class):  none

Liz Rog is a songleader in the global Ubuntu tradition which welcomes all voices to weave songs and community. Liz delights in helping people rediscover their ancestral birthright of group singing. She lives in the Driftless of Northeast Iowa and enjoys traveling to other towns and regions to help in the re-seeding of the earth with songs for renewal.

To know more about Liz and her work, you can read this Real Small Towns article, written by Annie Zylstra – “Singing as Breath and Food.”:

Registration includes your lunches, and one free admission to Saturday night’s Ice Cream social.