Tuvan Throat-singing Workshop with Alash Ensemble


Hands-on vocal workshop with Tuvan master throat-singers, Alash Ensemble, learning the theory behind, and the practice of this distinctive vocal technique.

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With Alash Ensemble

Date: March 8, 2020

2:30 – 4:30 pm 

Skill Level: Any

Class Registration Fee: $30.00

Have you ever wondered how Tuvan throat singers produce the overtones and other unusual vocal sounds which contribute to making their music so distinctive?  Here’s a chance to work with members of Alash Ensemble, and learn the techniques which were developed by nomadic herdsmen of Central Asia.  The workshop will begin with some background on the history of Tuva, and the music developed there; including an explanation of how throat-singing is produced.  After a short break, students will divide into groups to work directly with Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, Ayan Shirizhik, and Sean Quirk – with help from beatboxer, Shodekeh, and have a hands-on (voice-on?) practice with both Xöömei style (a mid-range style, which produces an airy whistle floating above the fundamental pitch) and Kargyraa (a low-pitched style with a growling undertone below the fundamental pitch, as well as higher overtones).  After the group work, students will reconvene, and be encouraged to demonstrate what they learned.  Alash will end the workshop with a final song.

Note:  This class will have limited enrollment!

Alash Ensemble is a trio of master throat singers (xöömeizhi) from Tuva, a tiny republic in the heart of Central Asia. The ancient art of throat singing (xöömei) developed among the nomadic herdsmen of this region. Alash remains grounded in this tradition while expanding its musical vocabulary with new ideas from the West.


For this tour, Alash will be joined by Shodekeh, a professional beat boxer and vocal percussionist who has been performing and honing his craft since age nine. By channeling the aural concepts of various instruments and soundscapes, he’s able to vocalize the many dynamic emulations of everything from drum sets, synthesizers, turntables, congas, horns and bass guitars to ocean waves, sleigh bells, crickets and helicopters.  His keen musical ability and adaptability have enabled him to collaborate with artists across many genres (including music, dance, visual art), from different cultural traditions, and in an array of creative settings.