Woven Mohair Saddle Cinches, Guitar Straps and Hat Bands with Pop Wagner


Saddle cinches, guitar straps or hat bands – weave them out of glorious mohair, all on a special loom, with the one and only Pop Wagner!


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Date: June 14, 15 & 16, 2024

Friday, 6/14 – 11 AM until 5 PM

Saturday, 6/15 – 9 AM until 5 PM

Sunday, 6/16 – 9 AM until 3 PM

Skill Level: Experience working with fiber (crocheting, knitting, macrame, weaving, knot tying) helps, but is not necessary.

Class Registration Fee:  Early Bird, by June 19, 2023: $275.00

After June 19, 2023: $300.00

Class description:  Learn to make your own mohair saddle cinches, guitar straps or hat bands. This three-day class will address both newcomers to cinch making and those who are already proficient at it. There are three basic construction methods for cinch making. They are tied, woven, and a combination of tied and woven. Those new to cinch making are introduced to tied cinches (or guitar straps) and encouraged to stick with that method until proficiency is attained. Mohair has been traditionally used to make cinches for Western saddles. The tied and woven methods can also be used in making English, Dressage, Endurance, and Australian girths and breast collars as well.

Besides cinches, girths, and breast collars, one can create a number of other items including hatbands and guitar straps. All of these possibilities will be addressed during the class. The class will begin with a step by step demonstration of how to make a tied cinch or guitar strap, primarily addressing the beginning cinch maker (however those already making cinches will benefit from this review). As the class continues, beginning cinch makers will be assisted with their tied cinches and experienced makers will be advised on their more advanced projects.

Participants will be provided with looms and hand tools for use during the class. If desired, looms and hand tools may be purchased as well. Written instructions for making a basic cinch loom as well a 17-strand tied cinch will also be provided along with a resource list for looms, hand tools, and other cinch making supplies.

Materials fee: (To be collected directly from students by instructor in class):  $35 – $85 per project; dependent upon project(s). Most participants have time to complete two or three projects during the three day class.
17-strand tied cinch $70 ($10 extra for dyed cord)
Combination roper kits (natural cinch cord for bottom layer/dyed cord for top) $85
Woven roper kits (natural cinch cord) $80 ($15 extra for dyed cord)
NOTE: All cinch kits include stainless hardware. Brass hardware is $20 extra and must be ordered in advance. Kits for cinches over 32 inches are an additional $1.50 per inch over 32 inches.
9-strand guitar strap kit $60
11-strand guitar strap kit $70
11 strand Breast Collar kit $75
13 strand Breast Collar kit $85
7 strand Hatband kits are $35
6 /strand Hat hanger kits are $35

Students need to bring the following supplies: Note pad and pencil, tape measure, scissors, and (optional) smartphone camera.

Since 1968 Pop Wagner has been traveling the world (44 states and 14 foreign countries) sharing his music, tall tales and dry wit with friends and fans near and far. In 2006 he started making mohair cinches. He has perfected his technique and passed on that knowledge to over 200 students.