Senior Outreach 2020

Since 1994, Folklore Village has been bringing concerts and interactive performances to older and disabled adults in our area through our Senior Outreach programs. All are welcome to our Senior Outreach events, from recently retired folks, to people living in care homes, to folks living at home and looking for fun and accessible activities. Check the listings below to see what Senior Outreach programs we have going on now! All Senior Outreach events are free.

Dancin’ in the Seats! with Steve Weintraub
An interactive dance program, hosted online

Join us each Thursday in September from 11 AM-12 PM for “Dancin’ in the Seats,” a seated dance program featuring Steve Weintraub! Dancin’ in the Seats will be hosted live over Zoom videoconferencing.

For security reasons, we are only sending meeting access information out to people who request it in advance. Call (608) 924-4000 or email and we will give you the meeting link (URL), meeting ID, and password to log in. These access codes will work for all the Dancin’ in the Seats sessions.

Folklore Village is also working to make Dancin’ in the Seats available on DVDs and through other formats, at no cost to you! Contact us if you would prefer an “analog” option.

Bring a prop! Dance instructor Steve loves to use props when teaching. Get ready for the class by having a few of these kinds of objects close at hand: 2 paper plates or small flat objects (brochures, small paperbacks, or other sturdy paper), a hand fan (one of the paper plates could serve), a cup or wineglass, and a square of cloth like a bandana or cloth napkin.


Accessing the program

Ok, so you’ve got your access codes and you’ve gathered your props…you’re ready to go! Below are all the instructions you need to access the program.

Program Manager Sallie Anna will start the Zoom meeting at 10:45 AM. Click the meeting link anytime after that to join.

[If you already have the Zoom program downloaded on your computer or phone, you can also log into the meeting by opening the program and entering meeting ID and password.]

If you are on a computer, another internet window should open when you click the link and a pop-up should appear that says “Launch Meeting.” Click “Open Link.” The meeting should appear for you automatically.

Here’s a video describing how to access a Zoom call on your computer:

If you are on a smartphone, you may need to download the Zoom application in order to join the meeting. Go to your phone’s app store to find the Zoom application, which you can download for free. Then click the link or open the application and enter the meeting ID and password, and the meeting will open.

Here’s a video describing how to access Zoom meetings on your phone.

If you still have more questions, click here to view our full Zoom troubleshooting webpage, which goes into much more detail on how to use Zoom! You can also call us at (608) 924-4000 or email We look forward to dancin’ in the seats with you!