Spring Swedish Weekend

March 16 ~ 18, 2018

Featuring the music and dance of Föllinge and other areas of Jämtland.

With special guests from Sweden:         Beret Bertilsdotter and Per Olof Petersson (dance) and fiddlers Mats and Ulf Andersson.

Enjoy the richness of Swedish culture, including delicious traditional meals. All skill levels welcome.

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Beret Bertilsdotter grew up on a farm in Offerdal in northern Jämtland. Since her early teens, she has been dancing polskas and folkdance with as much pleasure as modern dance and international folkdance. Göran and Inger Karlholm were her most influential teachers, and in 2008 earned her Big Silver medal in polska. Beret has taught and toured in Sweden and beyond, and is much appreciated for making the Föllinge dances come alive through her skillful guidance in dance technique and body awareness. A dance educator, Beret has organized and taught at Follinge Week since 1992.In 1995, ten years after she first met Föllinge tradition bearer Ernst Grip, Beret finished documentation of the 15 dances he passed on. Beret has produced a videotape of Ernst and Magda’s farm life and his Föllinge dance background.

Per Olof Pettersson, from Gällö, is a folk dancer and forest farmer. With roots in the Jämtland dances, he started dancing folk dance and polska in the late 70’s and also studied with Göran and Inger Karlholm. He took a Big Silver medal in 1991, and has so far danced over 50 different polskas. Per Olof is active as a dance leader and instructor in Östersund Folk Dance.


Brothers Ulf and Mats Andersson grew up in Föllinge. They started learning violin during primary school from Lennart Olsson, a carrier of the Lapp-Nils tradition. Playing with tradition bearers in Jämtland has given them a genuine foundation as folk musicians.Ulf and Mats achieved the Zorn (after Anders Zorn) medal as riksspelmän in 1978 and the gold Zorn medal in collaboration (samspel) in 1982. They are fun and funny and their playing gives the dance tunes tremendous life and energy.Ulf and Mats are both music educators, and as organizers and teachers at Föllinge Week since 1978 they have contributed greatly to the popularity of the Föllinge Dances.


Spring Scandinavian Weekend is funded in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board, with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.