Squirrel Moon Contra Dance Weekend

September 21-23, 2018

More info about this annual event at http://www.squirrelmoon.org/registration

This year’s event (Sept. 15-17, 2017) featured Hillbilly Diaspora (Charlie Walden, Pat Plunkett, Jennifer Jeffries, and Kathy Hirsch); with Beth Molaro calling.  Biographies below.



Hillbilly Diaspora includes:

Charlie Waldena.k.a Possum, shared a Grammy nomination with his collaborators for Best Album Notes for Now That’s a Good Tune. The overall project, on which he was a featured fiddler, was also nominated for Best Folk Recording.
Patt Plunketta.k.a Patt, first heard traditional fiddle music as played by her grandfather Carl. Her piano style projects the high energy necessary for accompanying dance music.
Jennifer Jeffries encountered old-time fiddling in graduate school in the person of Tommy Jarrell and never looked back at her classical background. Today, she also plays Anglo- and French-Canadian tunes, as well as Irish.
Kathy Hirsch has played backup guitar for dances since the ’70’s in Bloomington Indiana, the Bay Area and Chicago. After living in Kathmandu and Beijing for many years, she’s happy to be back in Chicago, playing mandolin and making her living painting and teaching art.

The Caller

Beth Molaro (Asheville, NC). Dancers from coast-to-coast will tell you that Beth’s enthusiasm is contagious and she makes any dance more energetic and exciting. She last called for Squirrel Moon in 2008.