Fall Swedish Music & Dance Weekend

October 27 ~ 29, 2017 Registration is open: Click HERE for info, fillable Registration form and pricesYou may pay via PayPal (see registration form; enter the amount you are paying) or mail us a check. You will be considered fully registered when we have received both your registration form and your payment. Questions? Give us a call at 608-924-4000.Register by October 6 for reduced tuition!

Paul Dahiln, Daniel Dahlin, Bruce Johnson

Ivares Pojkarna

Immigrating from Rättvik Sweden in 1924,  Edwin Johnson (born Ivares Edvin Jonsson) kept and shared his love of traditional Swedish folk fiddling throughout his life. Edwin passed it on to his son Bruce,  his grandson Paul Dahlin and Paul’s son Daniel, and these three now play as Ivares Pojkarna – the  Ivares boys.  Their repertoire is primarily tunes from the Lake Siljan/Rättvik area but also includes many fine tunes made by Daniel. The three have a unique sound, with melody and harmony provided by Paul and Daniel, with Bruce’s old-style chording, learned from Edwin, bringing it all together.Mary Londborg and members of the ASI spelmanslag round out the fiddle teaching staff for our weekend.

Roo Lester & Larry Harding are well known for their fun and sensitive teaching style, making them a favorite with novice and experienced dancers alike. If you are new to Swedish dance, don’t miss the dance basics workshop on Friday (4-6 pm). Roo & Larry are interested in your dance experiences, and do everything they can to help you feel successful and good about your dance progress as the weekend unfolds. Join us as we work on some wonderful dances from Sweden!  

Char Bostrom, from Saint Paul, Minnesota, has been pursuing her love for and interest in Scandinavian dance fiddling for many years.  In the greater Twin Cities area she plays for four dance groups and is a member of Ole Olssons Oldtime Orkestra.  Char has traveled around the country and Scandinavia attending workshops and playing for dancing.

Becky Weis and Tom O’Brien

Becky Weisan ethnomusicologist trained at the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, has been a leader in teaching the nyckelharpa in the upper midwest. Becky is also an accomplished Hardanger fiddle performer, and teaches Hardanger fiddle at St. Olaf College. She is a scholar in Swedish and Norwegian fiddle traditions. Ms. Weis is sought after as a fiddler and nyckelharpa player by dance teachers at Scandinavian dance workshops. Becky is a member of the Twin Cities Nyckelharpalag and will teach intermediate and advanced nyckelharpa.Tom O’Brien (beginning nyckelharpa) has been playing since about 2000 and has been a member of Twin Cities Nyckelharpalag since then. He studied at the Erik Sahlström Institutet in Tobo, Uppland, Sweden, and has written several tunes for the nyckelharpa.

Dance Workshops will include a selection of gammaldans, old time waltz, schottische, polka and mazurka and polskor/village dances. Dance classes are progressive. Beginning dancers are strongly encouraged to attend the Dance Basics workshop on Friday. Roo will most likely offer dance descriptions of workshop material. She will email them upon request.

Fiddle and Nyckelharpa Workshops: Workshops take a holistic approach and there is a strong emphasis on learning the different components of a tune and the valued role of the music in the culture. Workshops will be offered at various learning paces. You are free to come/go to workshops as needed for your individual level. (If you are in a workshop that is too hard/easy, you are welcome to switch to another.) Tunes will be taught by ear; recording devices are encouraged. There will also be opportunities for small ensembles to play for dancing. 

Listening CD: All who register as musicians will be sent a free listening CD put together by Ivares Pojkarna and Becky Weis. It is recommended that musicians be familiar with all tunes on the CD. Our tune selection this year will again include tunes from a 1987 recording by Rättviks spelmanslag.  Each musician participant will receive their own copy of the recording.

Our focus will be on tunes suitable for a large group of musicians or spelmanslag.  The goal is to bring musicians of every level together as part of a performance team. Therefore there will be pieces for everyone at every level of ability.

Register by October 6 for reduced tuition!