Calendar of Events

If you can help Folklore Village during this time of coronavirus, it would be so appreciated!  Help us keep our doors open so that we all have a place to come back to to play, dance, sing, and craft.  It’s easy to give through our GiveLively portal HERE.

September 30       Ukulele Lovers’ Retreat Online
October 6          Open Mic Online
October 17   Crankies!  Storytelling Machines Online FREE Presentation
October 23 – 25    Fall Swedish Music & Dance Weekend Online
October 31 – Nov 1    Wet Felting Slippers, with Elise Kyllo  In person!
November 3      Open Mic
November 12 – 15       Folk School Session V
November 13 – 22    Friends of Folklore Village Online Auction
December 1       Open Mic
December 12     Sankta Lucia Social
December 19     German Tree Lighting Social
December 28 – Jan. 1, 2021   73rd Festival of Christmas & Midwinter Traditions