Calendar of Events

Based on community feedback via surveys, here are the new expectations for individuals visiting our campus: please click HERE
NOTE:  Folklore Village is currently under a mask mandate.  Please wear a mask when coming into any of the Folklore Village buildings until further notice.
Please be aware that although we are attempting to be consistent and fair with our Covid policies, there may be children in attendance who are unable to be vaccinated or masked, which would include children under 2 years old, and children under 12 years old who have a condition that makes them unable to remain masked.


October 22 – 24: Fall Swedish Weekend

October 27: Senior Outreach Concert with Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee

October 29 – November 7:  Friends of Folklore Village Fundraiser Auction


November 13: Hardanger Embroidered Holiday Ornaments with Donna Olson

November 13:  Knit a Christmas Stocking with Mary Jo Harris

November 13:  Kimchi & Kraut: Stories and Recipes of Fermented Cabbage with Bill Robichaud

 November 13:  Hearts & Stars: Scandinavian Woven Paper Heart Baskets & Moravian Stars with Becky Rehl

November 16: Irish, Scottish, and Canadian Dance Piano with Amy McFarland.