Calendar of Events


March 31-April 2: Cajun & Creole Music & Dance Weekend

April 4: Online Open Mic

April 22: Friends of Folklore Village Spring Hop Fundraiser

April 28-30: English Country Dance & Music Weekend

May 2: Online Open Mic

May 6: Maypole Social

May 9: In-Person Open Mic Night

May 25: Steam Machine in Concert

June 6: Online Open Mic

June 6-11: Folk School Session 1

June 10: Healthy Hoedown Potluck & Dance

June 17: Schoolhouse Social

June 20: In-Person Open Mic Night

July 7-9: Folk School Session 2

July 8: Healthy Hoedown Potluck & Dance

July 11: Online Open Mic

July 20-23: Hardanger Fiddle Association of America Annual Workshop

August 1: Online Open Mic

August 11-13: Folk School Session 3 

August 12: Ice Cream Social

September 5: Online Open Mic

September 9-10: Folk School Session 4

September 9: Healthy Hoedown Potluck & Dance

September 22-24: Squirrel Moon Contra Dance Weekend

September 30: Schoolhouse Social

October 3: Online Open Mic

October 14: Folk School Session 5

October 14: Healthy Hoedown Potluck & Dance

October 20-22: Fall Swedish Music & Dance Weekend

October 26-29: Pourparler Gathering 

November 7: Online Open Mic

December 5: Online Open Mic

December 9: Sankta Lucia Social

December 16: German Christmas Tree Lighting

December 28-January 1: 76th Annual Festival of Christmas & Midwinter Traditions

COVID NOTE: Iowa and Dane County transmissibility levels and CDC recommendations for those levels will be followed. In the event that Iowa County or Dane County transmissibility moves to the “High” level, masks will be required of all attendees. Notices will be posted on the front doors as mask requirements change. Call if you have questions.