Concerts/Special Events

Finnish Dance with Lauluaika
July 6 | 4:00pm Workshop ($20) | 6:00pm Potluck and Dance ($10)

Join Folklore Village and Lauluaika for a day of Finnish dancing and music! Learn the basic steps to Finnish dances and some fun Finnish mixers at a 4:00pm dance workshop. Then enjoy a 6:00pm potluck (bring a dish to share) followed by an evening dance where you can employ your newly learned dance steps. Lauluaika will teach the dance workshop and play music for the evening dance. 

Admission to the dance workshop is $20, and the evening potluck and dance is $10. Bring a potluck dish for the 6:00pm potluck. 

Tickets can be purchased HERE or at the door.

Lauluaika, Finnish for “Song Time,” is a group of musicians who share
a passion for singing and playing Finnish folk tunes for audiences who enjoy listening or dancing.

Their repertoire includes Finnish couples dances such as waltzes, polkas, humppa, jenkka (schottische), masurkka, and hambo, as well as lively group dances for all ages to enjoy.  ​

Lauluaika musicians play a variety of instruments including mandolin, two-row button accordion, violin, guitar, bass, nyckelharpa, octave mandolin, harmonium, jouhikko, kantele, and percussive instruments such as tambourine and pimpparauta.