Weekend Festival Registration Information

Based on community feedback via surveys, here are the new expectations for individuals visiting our campus: please click HERE
Please be aware that although we are attempting to be consistent and fair with our Covid policies, there may be children in attendance who are unable to be vaccinated or masked, which would include children under 2 years old, and children under 12 years old who have a condition that makes it unable for them to remain masked.

Full-time registration includes all meals, workshops, concerts, and dances.  A limited number of registrations are available.  Folklore Village strives to give the most opportunities possible to learn and experience the culture and traditions of our guest artists. We do not offer a spectator fee. If you are on Folklore Village grounds you must pay the admission price. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Registration and Payment Options

Although we encourage full-time registration, we recognize that not all are able to attend full-time.  Please call, or check our website for part-time options.
Payment: We require a minimum 50% payment with registration, which you may do by credit card or check. Please note that if paying by credit card, you must either phone us to make a transaction, or use the PayPal or Stripe links at the end of each festival’s registration page. We cannot accept credit card payments via email.

Kitchen Scholarships:

Be part of the dishwashing, snack, and laundry crew after each meal for a reduced tuition! Please inquire early and speak with staff.



Other Scholarships: 

Festival-specific scholarships may be available. Please consult the webpage for the festival for more information. 

Cancellations & Refunds:

Folklore Village will retain a $20 processing fee up to 3 weeks before the first day of the festival. After that date $20 or 30% of the festival registration fee, whichever is greater, will be non-refundable. There will be no refunds* if you cancel less than one week before the first day of the festival; however, you may receive credit for a tax-deductible donation to Folklore Village.

* If you have been tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms of COVID-19 please DO NOT attend the festival. Contact programs@folklorevillage.org for COVID-19 cancellation policies.


Bunkhouses: $15 per person per night, within walking distance of Farwell Hall (main activity building) – very rustic, heated, cots provided. Bring your own bedding, pillow, towel, flashlight, etc. Camp-style toilets and hand pump. Men and women are in separate buildings. Limited space. Showers in Farwell Hall.

Tenting: $10 per tent per night, many beautiful sites. No campfires, please.

  *Contact us for  a list of motels in the area.


Enjoy excellent, catered, hearty meals prepared by Red Barn Catering featuring traditional ethnic-themed fare and vegetarian offerings (if registered vegetarian). People with specific dietary needs should advise staff at the time of registration.



By entering event premises you consent to photography, video and audio recording and its release, publication, and reproduction. If you do not consent you must inform Folklore Village in writing, with a photograph of yourself included, of your desire to not be photographed or recorded.

Folklore Village does not sell alcohol; however you may bring ‘Class B’ beverages (wine, beer) to events as appropriate.

Confirmation email of your registration (and accommodations) will be emailed to you, if we receive your registration at least a week ahead of the starting date of the festival; general policies, scholarship arrangements, etc. are included. If you do not have email please include a SASE with your registration.Thanks!