Saturday Night Socials

January 27   •   “Jane Night” Saturday Night

A special evening honoring and celebrating the birthday of Folklore Village’s founder Jane Farwell. Bring a dish for the 6:30 potluck; stay for dancing, music and games in the memory and spirit of Jane. Musicians are welcome!Admission is $7 adults, $5 seniors & teens, $4 kids (under 5 admitted free). Family admission is capped at $20.00.

May 5   •  Maypole Dance Family Evening

Maypole dancing is an English tradition heralding the return of spring! Help decorate the beribboned Maypole with flowers. Families weave patterns by dancing around the pole to the directions of a caller, with live music. Please bring flowers!

Potluck at 5:30$7 adults, $5 seniors & teens, $4 kids  Kids under 5 admitted free.Family admission is capped at $20.00