Virtual Field Trips

Folklore Village offers Virtual Field Trips as an option for groups that want to experience a bit of who we are and what we do in an interactive, online program hosted live over Zoom. Our Virtual Field Trips consist of 40-minute activities that are geared towards elementary school-aged children, but readily adaptable to multiple ages and ability levels. The activities are bookended by an interactive introduction and conclusion designed to reinforce educational concepts and contextualize the activities. The Virtual Field Trip also features an interactive, virtual tour of Folklore Village grounds.

Praise for Folklore Village’s Virtual Field Trips:
“Thank you so very much! We all had a very nice time! The kids were so good, and they enjoyed every part of it…The kids were still dancing out the door…We will for sure be back next year! Thanks again for spending the afternoon with us!”
-Second grade teacher, Doudna Elementary School

Virtual Field Trip Session Options:

Culture in Motion:
Folk Dances of the World

Life is a dance! People around the world and throughout history have moved together to music for celebratory and social occasions. You and your students will enjoy easy and fun social dances from several parts of the world, adapted to be solo dances for the virtual teaching format. The children will be prompted to think about dance in their lives: Do you take dance lessons? Does your grandma ask you to polka at weddings? Do you dance at parties? If your students can walk and smile at the same time they will enjoy this activity. Adaptable to any age.

Listening to Tradition:
International Folk Music

Traditional music in Wisconsin has filtered in from an amazing array of immigrant groups, which has transformed the musical profile of the state. Students will be introduced to a variety of traditional music forms, played on instruments originally from various cultures including Swedish bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, guitar, triangle, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, and Indian harmonium. Adaptable to any age.

Learning by Crafting:
Papel Picada (Mexican Tissue Paper Banners)
These colorful, festive traditional cutouts are easy to make and bring great satisfaction to the creators. Your students will learn the history and folklore of picada in the Mexican tradition and about the people who make them. Children will be asked to think about how their family, school and neighborhood decorate for special occasions. Adaptable to any age.

Program Fees
The cost of the Virtual Field Trip is $80 per activity. Folklore Village has limited funds available for schools needing financial support, through its Educational Outreach Support Fund. Priority is given to rural and smaller schools, schools with limited funding for cultural programs, and schools scheduling a Folklore Village program for the first time.

How to Schedule a Program
Contact us at (608) 924-4000 or email with the activities you would like to include, the number of students, and grade level. We will work with you to create an enriching, fun, and fantastic program!

Funding for the development of Folklore Village’s Virtual Field Trips was provided, in part, by an Innovative Instruction Grant from the Country School Association of America.