Volunteer Workbees

Aslak Lie Workbees

If you’d like to get email notifications of upcoming work days on this project, please drop a note to info@folklorevillage.org to be added to that email list. These workdays typically get scheduled on shorter notice.

See updates on this Historical Restoration project HERE.

Prairie Workdays
Our 66 acres of prairies require regular, ongoing and seasonal maintenance. You can read about the prairies and our commitment to their stewardship HERE.

Volunteer needs include:
• invasive weed removal
• seed collecting
• native seed spreading
• fire break preparation
• leading prairie tours for events

Anne Helsley and Dan Wallace have been anchoring workdays, essential in the effort to keep invasives from overtaking our restored prairie. If you’d like to help with these efforts, contact the office at 608-924-4000, Dan Wallace at 608-698-5144, or keep an eye on the Calendar page!

Annual Gardening Bee
Wed., May 20 ~ Sat., May 23

This year’s spring Gardening Bee was different!
Despite the pandemic affecting the teamwork nature of our workbee, this year’s Safer Gnomes and Gardeners still showed up to get flowers in the ground, beautifying the entrance to Farwell Hall.

In order to minimize contact, we spread this workbee over four days, each with a morning and afternoon shift limited to up to four volunteers. With follow-up mulching, and ongoing weeding and watering support, the Farwell Hall walkways are bursting with color, putting a smile on the face of those who do periodically grace our grounds. We are grateful.

To be added to our Volunteer e-mail list and receive announcements about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please drop a note to office@folklorevillage.org .