Volunteer Workbees

Prairie Workday ~ Sunday, Oct. 27, 10am – 3pm
Our 26 acre prairie (behind the church and the schoolhouse) is scheduled for a burn and a re-seeding late this fall or early next spring. In preparation for this distinct event in our prairie restoration sequence, this workbee’s tasks include collecting burdock seeds so they do not cling to the burn suits of the fire team, making firebreaks, and, if we have enough people power, collecting good seeds to reduce the cost of purchasing new seed for the re-seeding.

Questions or commitments: Please call Dan Wallace at (608) 698-5144

Anne Helsley and Dan Wallace have been anchoring these workdays, essential in the effort to keep invasives from overtaking our restored prairie. If you’d like to help “weed” the prairies – removing sweet clover, wild parsnip, canada thistle, bull thistle, and curly dock, among others – let Becky know at communications@folklorevillage.org or keep an eye on the Calendar page!

Annual Gardening Bee
Be part of this contingent of faithful volunteers and help tidy up our gardens, and plant annuals around our main building, Farwell Hall. If you love to get your hands in the dirt and your nose on a flower, come to this glorious day of camaraderie and gardening.

Folklore Village provides a light lunch for those who attend. Donations of annual plants (Dusty Miller, Snapdragons, Marigolds (both short and tall), Zinnias (short) and Ageratum) are always much appreciated!

Bring gloves, hats, sunscreen, water, and your favorite gardening/pruning tools, marked with your name. Please call or email to let us know you’re coming – thanks!

Aslak Lie Workbees: If you’d like to get email notifications of upcoming work days on this project, please drop a note to Becky at communications@folklorevillage.org to be added to that email list. These workdays typically get scheduled on shorter notice. See updates on this Historical Restoration project HERE.