From Hymns to Herding: Swedish and Norwegian song


Join Cait Vitale-Sullivan to explore the vocal traditions of Sweden and Norway, including kulning – calling the cows home.  Once a week for four weeks in February, via Zoom.


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Dates: Mondays- February 7, 14, 21 & 28, 2022 Online, via Zoom

Time: 5:30 – 7:00 PM CST each week

Skill Level:  Intermediate.  Some prior knowledge of Norwegian or Swedish is helpful, but not necessary. Comfort with learning music by ear is also helpful, however, the instructor will be providing recordings and lyrics prior to class for participants to use to prepare. Usually, no sheet music will be provided.

Class Registration Fee:  $60 for entire 4-week session

This class will explore different types of Norwegian and Swedish song, from hymns to herding calls, dance tunes, and ballads. It is an opportunity to not only learn repertoire, but also to learn about the roles that these types of songs play in Scandinavian traditional music. Part singing, part practice, this course will also provide both experienced and new singers with tools for warming up, finding variations in tunes, and tools for development of expressive singing.

Materials fee: n/a

Students need to bring: Your voices.

Cait Vitale-Sullivan was steeped in the high desert wilderness of Idaho as a
She is intrigued by the human connection to nature and music, and when not playing outside, could be found playing fiddle or singing in the forest. In 2013, she moved to
Norway, where she was introduced to Scandinavian traditional music and majestic fjords.
After returning to Idaho to finish a degree in Ecology and Conservation Biology, she
returned to Sweden to complete a Fulbright grant studying the connection between Kulning (Swedish cow calling music) and landscape. There, she attended Malungs Folkhögskola to study Swedish folk music. She currently is completing a master’s degree in Agroecology with a focus on the use of music in agricultural landscapes and the muti-species relationships built through that music.

Cait’s website:  HERE 

For those unfamiliar with kulning, check out this article written by Caitlin:

Strong Music, Strong Women

And to hear the practice, here’s Cait: