Scandinavian Woven Paper Heart Baskets

With Becky Rehl

Date: July 14, 2018

Skill Level:  All

Class Fee:  $75.00

Participants will first become comfortable with the process of weaving paper into the basic Danish nine-patch heart design.  You will then learn how to create a variety of traditional patterns with different numbers and widths of strips.  In the afternoon, we will progress to more complex patterns which use and create inset hearts, stars, and cut-outs, and incorporate patterned papers.  More adventuresome cutters may experiment with freeform designs.

Materials fee: (To be collected directly from students by instructor in class):  $10.00 for materials.  All other supplies and equipment provided, but feel free to bring your own favorite small, sharp scissors (straight and/or curved) and origami-paper-weight, unfolded wrapping paper.

 Becky Rehl’s lifelong affinity for color and design flourished when she first became heavily involved with Folklore Village in the 1980’s.  Meeting and learning from a wide range of traditional folk artists led to a deep respect and appreciation for folk music, dance, and the arts.  Over the years, she has moved from creating in a strictly traditional style, to combining traditional techniques with her own design elements.  With her business Folksnips, Becky offers both traditional style and custom designed cutouts and hearts, as well as fabric creations.

Where others often find intricate paper cutting and weaving to be tedious, Becky finds it therapeutic.  Her seemingly endless patience is key to both the creation and the teaching of these folk arts.  She has taught folk crafts, as well as music and dance, to thousands of school children, and has led paper folk art workshops for families and teachers, at Folklore Village and at UW Milwaukee Stringalongs.

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