Workshops are an opportunity to explore a folk art or music form in depth with an experienced instructor. Check out our Midwinter workshop offerings so far, and check back soon for more additions and updates!

Each day features dance workshops lead by Duane and Slavka Tomka. Specializing in Polish dance, they will lead workshop participants through a variety of different dances and techniques.

December 31st will also feature a workshop and review of the Francaise and Heilsberger Dreieck dances. Greg Winz will lead participants in these dances, culminating in our tradition of dancing them together at the New Year’s Eve party.

Balfok Music & Dance

The balfolk dance experience is seeing growing popularity across Europe, and we can’t wait to see what the hype’s all about! With routes in traditional French dancing, balfolk dances feature a range of cultures and folk traditions where live music is a must! Join Bob Walser for workshops in Balfolk music and dances, which will culminate in a Balfolk Bonanza party!

Brendan Taaffe will lead singing workshops on December 29th and 30th covering his own originals, as well as song from Ghana and Provence. On December 31st Brendan will lead a singing showcase at the evening party. Enjoy singing in community in our beautiful, historic Plum Grove Church. 

Oneida “Dangle” Beading
Join Karen Ann Hoffman, a 2020 National Heritage Fellow, for a drop-in workshop on Oneida dangle beading. Karen is a Haudenosaunee Raised Beadwork artist. Raised beadwork is an artform born of the Eastern Great Lakes. The forms and designs reach back before our origins, are vibrantly alive now, all the while stretching generations into the future. Dangles are one of the hallmarks of the Raised Beadwork style. In the workshop participants will create dangles, which will be hung on a screen to create a communal art piece. 

Community Project
Learn the art of block printing and contribute your unique design to help create a vibrant community art piece! Block-printing is a traditional printmaking technique where a relief surface is carved into a block, which is then inked and pressed onto paper or fabric to create unique prints. During the festival artist and educator Leah Parkhurst will guide participants in creating their own individual designs that will then be used to create a single work of art representing our unique community. 

Festival Band
This group of intrepid musicians is lead by Amy McFarland & Maria Terres. The Festival Band meet every afternoon to play tunes together, laugh, and prepare the special music for favorite New Years Eve dances the Française and Heilsberger Dreieck. All levels and types of instruments are welcome!

Theater Arts
Johanna Gorman-Baer will inspire your theatrical side with her engaging Theater Games workshop on the 29th and 30th, a favorite staple for adults and youth. She’ll also lead a cast of all ages in creating a comical skit for the New Year’s Eve party. The skit workshop is on the afternoon of the 31st, with an after-supper rehearsal for the evening performance.

More information on additional crafts and workshops coming soon!