What Makes It a Fiddle Tune with Maria Terres


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Date: June 13 & 14, 2020 (online)

1 pm – 4 pm each day

Skill Level: This is a participatory music workshop. Participants should have a basic knowledge of how to play the violin/fiddle –how to hold the instrument and bow, confident left hand finger placement in the first position, and be able to play a simple melody of any sort comfortably. This is not a beginning music class.

Class Registration Fee:  $80.00

What makes it a fiddle rather than a violin? What makes a piece of music a fiddle tune? In this class we’ll look at music from a variety of traditions (with an emphasis on traditions sometimes taught at Folklore Village!) and ask what makes fiddle music FIDDLE music! We’ll listen, there will be demonstrations, and we’ll learn a few tunes with an emphasis on BOWING patterns! Be prepared for sweeping generalizations and excruciating detail! Secrets will be revealed and myths perpetuated! Sound like fun? It IS!

In addition, Maria will be playing music for the evening’s virtual Healthy Hoedown (included as part of your tuition), as 1/2 of the duo Rare Privilege, along with her musical partner Amy McFarland, who is teaching “Piano Off the Page.”

Students need to bring the following supplies: Students need a recording
device of some sort, and a fiddle.

Maria Terres began playing violin at the age of nine.  As a teenager in Boston, she was taken to her first Contra Dance, and began playing dance music shortly after.  She has been a dance fiddler since then in a variety of styles and communities throughout the country.  In addition to New England Contra Dances, she plays for Irish Dance, English Country Dance, Scottish Country Dance, has dabbled in Scandinavian, and is learning Quebecois.  She has taught privately, most recently under the auspices of the Milwaukee Irish Fest School of Music.  She has developed numerous music and dance workshops, including school programs as a Cultural Partner for the Arts in Community Education Program with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for almost twenty years.  In addition, she composes music, has provided music for theater, and has worked as a studio musician.  She was a long time member of the band Last Gaspe of Madison, WI.  Currently she is a member of the duo Rare Privilege with her long time music partner, Amy McFarland.  She has diverse musical interests, including jazz and improvisational playing, classical, theater, and ethnic traditional music of all types.  Basically, if it can be played on a fiddle, she’s interested!

Registration includes one free admission to Saturday night’s Virtual Healthy Hoedown.